Ventilation and Environmental Control

Environment is everything to plants. The difference between a plant that is just "surviving" or "getting by" and a plant that is thriving in an optimum environment to suit its needs is HUGE. As indoor gardeners, we want to replicate our chosen plants' native habitats as closely as possible to help them reach their full genetic potential. When you've got it dialed in right, your plants will tell you!

Here we take a practical look at the options available to indoor gardeners when it comes to creating, monitoring and manipulating key environmental factors such as daytime and nighttime temperatures, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide.

Titan Controls and Bluelab environmental monitoring equipment in a grow tent

We're not suggesting for one moment that you need to spend all your time in your indoor garden, tweaking air-flow and switching humidifiers on and off to maintain the perfect environment. Fortunately there's lots of great kit available to take care of your garden automatically, 24/7.

Basil plants grown indoors in a controlled environment

Ventilation and Environmental Control Articles

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When growing indoors, environment is everything! A successful grower needs to take practical steps to manage factors such as light levels, temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels. Here we introduce the role of extractor fans and environmental controllers used by indoor gardeners to maintain the ideal indoor environment for their plants.

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