Sweet Peppers and Aubergines

Steve 'Framie' Baxter sneaks us a glimpse of what’s going on in his propagation chamber right now—sweet peppers and aubergines!

Before potting up
1)  Photo before the Sweet Pepper and Aubergine pot-up.

Ready to pot up
2 ) Aubergine and sweet peppers ready for potting up. Varieties are De Barbentane Aubergine, King of the North sweet pepper and Purple Beauty sweet pepper.

Moving into pots
3)  Being potted into 90mm square pots with a light mix compost.

After potting up
4 ) The sweet peppers and aubergines looking a little stressed after the pot-up.

Tomato before (left) pot up, After (right) pot up
5)  I gave the Tomatoes a little clean by cutting the baby leaves and lower branches off. The Tomato variety is Gardener’s Delight.

After potting up (2)
6)  Photo after pot-up and the clean up off the tomatoes. Cucumbers plants (top right) are getting nice big leaves. A Real Cucumber ‘Wautoma’.

7)  Lettuces are looking very good and ready to go and waiting on the sun shine and some heat. I have ten plants from the same batch in 100mm pots in the unheated greenhouse already. Not died even with frosts outside but lettuces not really growing much.

8)  I gave the potted plants just water and the next day there looking very happy. These won’t need watering again for at least 7-10 days in prefect growing conditions.

Sweet peppers one week after potting up

Sweet Peppers and Aubergines 1 week after potting up.

As you can see there’s been a lot of growth over the past week and they are looking very happy. Still not gave any water and won’t be for a few days yet. Aubergines are the first two rows on the left the rest are the Sweet Peppers. Tomatoes need potting up next and I will be moving most the other stuff in the greenhouse after next week’s expected cold weather. I also have an aquaponic project on the go now that’s where some of these plants will be heading.