From one plant to sixty (more) in just fifteen minutes!

Hey growers! I just LOVE this lavender plant. Its Latin name is Lavandula Dentata. It has a pungent yet sophisticated aroma with slightly medicinal / clove-like notes. Everybody in my neighborhood goes crazy about it. So I decided to share the love and give them all a clone / cutting! It only took about fifteen minutes, thanks to the EZ-Clone 60 aeroponic cloning machine—a fantastic piece of kit! Here's how...

Okay, let's start with the star of the show: Lavandula Dentata. She is a species of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family, native to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic islands and the Arabian peninsula. It takes about 3 to 5 years to reach an ultimate height of around 3 feet. It's a little more delicate than some other Lavenders so, if you live in an area prone to frost you might need to show it some extra love. This beautiful specimen has been basking in a Smart Pot (fabric pot which encourages more roots and less root circling) for the last six months or so. The growth rates have been phenomenal.

Lavandula Dentata, slightly elongated due to her shady position for the last month or so.

Lavender enjoys a sunny position but I've deliberately kept it in a slightly more shady corner for the last month in order to encourage the growth tips to elongate slightly. This will make it even easier to take cuttings without having to remove any foliage from the cutting itself.

EZ-Clone 60 Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Now meet the other star of the show! The EZ-Clone 60. She's quite a beast—note there's an EZ-Clone 30 (and an EZ-Clone 120!) too. You may have guessed that the 30, 60, or 120 refers to the number of cuttings you can do at any given time in the machine.

ez-clone 60 without sprayer nozzles.

Inside the EZ-Clone 60 - spray manifold

The EZ-Clone 60 is a sinch to set up. Simply fix the pump to the bottom of the reservoir and screw on the spray manifold. Then you're almost ready to go. Fill with water and screw in the little red spray nozzles into each hole in the manifold.

ez-clone 60 ready to go!

Fill her up with water to just below the manifold. Screw in the little red sprayers and we're nearly ready! Those clever folks at EZ-Clone have done away with the air-pump included with older models and have commissioned their own aerator / spray pump in one! Very neat. But don't turn it on yet. We need to take (and insert) the lavender cuttings...

Wham bam thank you mam! She's full of lavender cuttings!

Take each cutting, dip into the EZ-Clone rooting gel (included) and fix each one in the foam neoprene disk. I know, we're whizzing through this a bit here—so if you want more detailed info on taking cuttings be sure to check out our other article that takes you through the taking cuttings process step by step.

Lavender cuttings in EZ-Clone 60

Lavender cuttings in EZ-Clone 60 - closer-up!

Notice I didn't bother removing any foliage—just jammed them straight in there. The underside of the lid looks like this.

If you want to learn more about the actual process of taking cuttings, make sure you check out this more in-depth article on how to take cuttings! Also don't forget to take a look at our aeroponic cuttings FAQ!

Underside of lid EZ-Clone 60 - Lavender cuttings

Here's the EZ-Clone 60 under a Sun Blaze T5 HO 22 - 2 ft (2 Lamp) fixture.

Sun Blaze T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Shining over EZ-Clone 60 with sixty lavandula dentata cuttings 

As you can see I've raised the lamp pretty high above the cuttings—I'm really shooting for just a little ambient light, I don't want to work those cuttings hard at all while they're trying to develop roots. I still find it amazing that the EZ-Clone machines don't require a humidity dome! Pretty cool!

EZ Clone 60 with sixty lavandula dentata (lavender) cuttings under Sun Blaze T5 fluorescent lighting fixture. 

Six days later and the first true roots start to appear!

Six days later—and the first roots appear! 

Wow! That happened so quickly! I'd best keep a close eye on these cuttings now. I have my pump on a timer, 15 mins on, 15 mins off, to keep the reservoir a little cooler.

More updates soon!