Aeroponic Cuttings - Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of aeroponic cuttings for growers wishing to learn how to take aeroponic cuttings (aka aeroponic clones) - typically using an aeroponic cloning machine.

So-you're a grower who takes lots of cuttings (aka clones) from your favorite plants. Maybe you've got your technique down using a regular propagator, rooting cubes and rooting gel. Why then would you want to invest a few hundred bucks in an aeroponic cloning machine to do basically the same job?

Aeroponic cuttings after just 11 days in an aeroponic cloning machine. Cuttings root in a fine misted environment.Aeroponic cloning machines mist your cuttings with a fine spray and provide an ideal rooting environment. No need for humidity domes or rooting media. But is that enough to convince you to invest? Here's a quick overview of the pros and cons of aeroponic propagation:


  1. Quicker, more vigorous rooting.
  2. Cleaner, so less chance of disease.
  3. Less maintenance.
  4. Reduced risk of drying out or wet / dry stress.
  5. No need to purchase or prepare growth media.
  6. More flexibility when you choose to use your cuttings.
  7. Larger cuttings can be more readily supported in aeroponic cloning machines.
  8. Aeroponic cuttings tend to be a little hardier as they haven't rooted inside a propagation dome.

Tomato cuttings in an EZ Clone aeroponic propagator


  1. Extra care needs to be taken when transferring to loose fill media.
  2. Aeroponic cuttings are more sensitive to changes / extremes in temperature.
  3. Increased start-up costs-unless you fashion your own machine!
  4. Risk of power-cuts! A few hours of no misting can damage or kill your clones. Consider using a UPS battery back-up if power cuts are common in your area.
  5. The pump and misters can be a little on the noisy side. Nothing too severe, but your other half is definitely going to kick off if you try sneaking this into the bedroom.