Growers who buy in young plants from a local nursery may think they are gaining a head start on their garden—but they are missing a lot of the fun, as well as parting with unnecessary amounts of cash! There are few things more rewarding than raising a plant from seed or taking a cutting from an existing plant to create a copy or “clone”—especially when it comes to harvest time, so don’t miss out on getting that full feeling of grower satisfaction!

Starting healthy seedlings and cuttings requires precision, cleanliness and care. Often growers can become a little complacent, especially if they are cycling through large numbers of plants. But the more time and effort you put into your plants' early days and weeks, the more they will reward you further down the line. In fact, early negligence is one of the main contributors to poor, disappointing yields.

Young plants do not require much of anything-other than care. Think of your young plants as your babies! They are not independent, hardy creatures so, if there's ever a time for a little mollycoddling, it's right now! Their root systems are either non-existent or very small. High humidity, consistent warmth and moisture, and a balanced, conservative approach to plant nutrition are the order of the day.

Air-pruned chilli peppers growing on an air-pruning rack - this allows air to reach underneath the blocks (really important!)

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Giving your plants a good start in life is half the battle when it comes to successful growing.

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