Plant Physiology

How do plants work? How do plants absorb water and nutrients? What's going on "underneath the hood?" All these questions and more are covered here!

First, we dissect the jargon and introduce some important terms to describe the various parts of a plant.

Next we examine how plants harvest light energy and transform it into plant-usable energy-a process known as photosynthesis. We will also cover how plants respond to light in more subtle ways-for instance, how plants use light levels as cues to begin flowering and fruiting.

Finally, we will look at how plants assimilate nutrients, regulate themselves with hormones and natural growth regulators, and interact with microorganisms in and around the root zone.

Close-up of leaf

Coming Soon:

  • How Do Plants Feed?
  • How Roots Work
  • Guided by the Light: A Brief Introduction to Photoperiodism

Plant Physiology Articles

PDF Infosheets

PDF: Basic Concepts and Terminology

An understanding of a plant as a living system is the foundation of becoming a successful grower. Knowing how plants work, observing their development, and responding appropriately to their needs is the alpha and omega of good gardening.

Basic Concepts and Terminology [PDF Link]