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What's inside all those bottles? Walk into any indoor gardening store and you'll no doubt be bombarded with seemingly endless shelves of plant nutrients and an ever-growing array of auxiliary plant potions and "helper" products. It's all too easy to be overwhelmed and bamboozled by the rows of brightly colored labels-black, gold, silver, even holograms-all vying for our attention and, of course, dollars. Some of these products carry a hefty price tag-upwards of $180 a liter! (Yes, you read that right!) What can possibly be lurking inside these modestly sized receptacles to justify prices that cause you to almost swallow your own tongue? :-)

As growers, we need to invest in some quality nutritional inputs first. These are, after all, the essential food components for your plants.

Together with clean, pure water (arguably the most important additive for your garden) and a carefully managed growing environment, you already have the basis for success when it comes to growing indoors.

As your plants grow, their nutrient requirements increase. A fundamental skill to develop is learning to observe your plants and proactively adjust your nutrient strength in line with their development. Another important element is monitoring and managing your growing environment. Don't be tempted to try and circumvent your learning curve by forking out hundreds of dollars for some "specialist bloom booster" that claims to transform you into a grand master horticulturalist over night. Yeah right!

So here's an important caveat for this section: No growth accelerator, enzyme, or foliar spray will ever get close to compensating for lousy plant genetics or hot, arid conditions in your indoor garden. Tool up with knowledge and experience first-then you have a solid basis for future experimentation with more "exotic" products.

Fulvic acid additive

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A plant obtains everything it needs to grow from one of two places: the air around its leaves or the water around its roots. The air supplies carbon and oxygen. Water supplies hydrogen and also acts as a carrier for a variety of other elements.

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