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Designing a safe, efficient and practical indoor garden that works for your needs is a task worth taking your time over! Discuss your garden plans with other growers, learn time-tested tips on how to create the ultimate indoor growing environment.

For indoor gardeners, it's all about one thing: CONTROL! A well-designed indoor garden allows you to control all aspects of the growing environment. 

Indoors YOU are Mother Nature. You have the ability to control light cycles, spectrum and intensity, daytime and nighttime temperatures, relative humidity, carbon dioxide levels and the nutrients and moisture available around your plants' root zones. Better yet, it's possible to have all this automated leaving you free to focus on your plants.

4 x 600W High Intensity Indoor Garden (Click to read more details)

Indoors, you can grow whatever you like, whenever you like, 365 days of the year, wherever you happen to live on the planet!

Imagine its deepest, darkest winter-icicles, gales and snow drifting outside … meanwhile an array of exotic plants are blooming indoors under the warm, orange glow of a high pressure sodium grow light, blithely ignorant of the hellish conditions just a few yards yonder!

Growing indoors is a wonderfully effective therapy for the winter blues. Plants make us feel better-and they've being doing it for millions of years! Who knows whether it's the oxygen they pump into the atmosphere (and the CO2 we give back) or the fact that our respective evolutions are so intrinsically and inextricably linked as our primary source of nourishment?

The bigger the room, the greater the challenge!

Growing with one or two lights is a completely different ballgame to growing with six, ten, or more. Often novice indoor gardeners go the whole hog on lighting and short-cut on environmental control. Start small, succeed, and build on your success.

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Gardening indoors is easy, unless you choose to make life difficult for yourself! So make sure you plan your indoor garden properly beforehand. It will save you time, effort and money in the long run.

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