Hydroponic Growing Techniques

Setting up an Autopot XL Gravity-Fed Watering System

This has to be the ultimate lazy-man's growing system - and pretty failsafe too. No pumps, no timers, no electricity - gravity does the work! Check out my heinously neglected peppers and how they thrive in this awesome system!

It's early July and I still have some sorry-looking peppers left that still hadn't found a home—a Friar’s Hat, some sweet pepper plants I rescued from the local plant store, an extra Yolo Wonder in a Grodan rockwool block, and a Moroccan chilli that I like to grow every year.

But help is at hand. In this video I transplant them into an Autopot XL modular gravity fed growing system. The plants feed automatically from a reservoir and no pumps, electricity or timers are required.

The plants grow in a coco coir / clay pebble mix and are fed via mineral nutrients.

Autopot Gravity-Fed Growing System

As you'll see in the video, the system takes no time or head-scratching to set up. It really couldn't be easier. 

Setting up an Autopot XL Gravity Fed Growing System

Is this the ultimate lazy man's growing system?