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Outdoor Hydroponics Experiment: Yolo Wonder Sweet Peppers in a Flo n' Gro Hydroponics Flood and Drain System

Hey growers—I'm taking hydroponics outdoors for the summer and thought you'd like to come along for the ride. I'm growing Yolo Wonder sweet peppers in a modular ebb and flow (flood and drain) system manufactured by Titan Controls. It has 12 large 3-gallon square net pots that get periodically flooded from a central reservoir. I hope you will follow me for this experimental outdoor hydroponics grow!

I've got a little bit of space on a south-facing wall on my small but sunny terrace. Now, outdoor pepper growing is definitely a summer sport! It's early June and I'm the far south of France, so we should be good to go...

I've propagated my Yolo Wonder sweet pepper plants from seed in rockwool cubes / blocks. However, the growing media I'm using to fill the net pots in the Flo n' Gro system is Hydrocorn, manufactured by Gold Label. It's a little bit like Hydroton (clay pebbles) but more irregularly shaped.

It's not been easy to date. In the propagation stage I had difficulty maintaining adequate relative humidity levels in my grow tent—eventually I had to install a humidifier inside the grow tent itself, which kinda turned it into a cool sauna. Still, the peppers improved and they really seemed to come into their own once I started hardening them off on the terrace.

Now's the time to get them into the Flo n' Gro hydroponics system. You can watch the video of the installation here:

How to set up a Flo n' Gro hydroponics growing system.

Yolo Wonder Sweet Peppers in a Flo n' Gro 12-pot Modular Flood n' Drain hydroponics system.


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