Grow Lights

This amazing, 8-lamp, grow light creates a light footprint identical to the fixture itself—approximately 50" x 28"—that's a whole lot of surface area in which to grow lots of young plants. VHO means Very High Output. Each VHO lamp outputs 7,200 lumens - using 95 watts of power. So this unit uses 760 watts and outputs an incredible 57,600 lumens! TIP: If you are propagating cuttings or seedlings in propagators, make sure that you invest in a thermometer with a remote probe. Place the remote probe inside the propagator itself to monitor temperatures where it matters! Heat build-up inside the propagator is an issue that sometimes catches growers off guard. Be sure to raise multiple-array T5 fixtures several inches above the propagator lids - they will still receive plenty of light but will be far less likely to suffer from heat stress.

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