New "All in one box" HID Lighting System Released

Sunlight Supply® simplify growers' choices with their new Trifecta™ turnkey lighting kit.

Baffled by the vast array of different reflectors, bulbs, ballasts on the market these days? Don’t worry - you're not alone!

Fortunately the folks at Sunlight Supply® have made a quantum leap forward in simplifying matters. Now you can buy a complete HID grow light system all in one box for under $240.

trifecta.jpgIt sounds like such a simple idea you wonder why somebody didn’t think of this already! A grow lamp, reflector and ballast, ready wired, plug n' play style, all in one box home. It's called the Trifecta™ and is being billed as a complete turnkey indoor horticultural lighting kit. Powering the package is a Sun System® Hard Core™ 1000 Watt HPS/MH Switchable 120/240 Volt Ballast. It comes complete with an Econo Wing Reflector® and an Ultra Sun™ 1000 HPS lamp. The Hardcore™ Ballast is known for its quiet running, and rugged build quality. The switchable High Pressure Sodium / Metal Halide feature is a real winner, as well as the dual voltage option that runs on 120 or 240 volts. This ballast will always find a place in your set-up. The Econowing Reflector® is pre-wired with a 15ft lamp cord - no assembly required - and ithe reflector itself is made of 95% reflective German aluminum.

Finally the Ultra Sun™ 1000 watt HPS lamp offers super high quality combined with excellent reliability. Its spectrum has been specifically configured for general horticultural use and can be used in both the grow and flowering stages.

So, there you have it! Everything you need to get growing in one convenient box! ETL listed. Visit for more information.