Intake Filters—Do You Believe?

I recently called up one of the biggest grow stores in Europe to check on prices for intake filters as I could not find any listed on their website. Imagine my surprise when they told me that they do not sell them. Why? Because there is no demand! Sounds like a chicken and egg thing to me, so here are some good reasons why you should ALWAYS incorporate intake filters into your grow room set-up.

It's taken a lot of effort to get this far! Those of you who have been following this grow room build for the last few months will know that I'm determined to create a super-clean, bug-free environment for my plants. After all, indoors we, the grower, have to assume the role of Mother Nature. Whereas outdoors each species of bacteria, fungi, insect and animal is kept in check by natural predators—indoors, a single pregnant aphid can cause untold damage if successive generations are left to breed unchecked.

Why Your Ventilated Indoor Garden Needs Air Intake Filters

We show you how we incorporate Phresh Air Intake filters into our grow room set-up.

Sure, you can reach for the spray bottle—or release natural predators—but when it comes to gardening indoors, prevention is infinitely more preferable than cure. In fact, nothing sucks the fun out of gardening indoors than a war on pests.

Okay, so my garden is looking pretty clean and laboratory-like so far! You can see that I've laid some plastic, waterproof flooring.

Super clean bug free indoor garden / grow room

Below is the six-inch Phresh intake filter and Hyper Fan that pushes clean air through my air-cooled reflectors. Just think how hot those lamps get during operation. Do you really want dusty air being blown over your lamps, being fried, and collecting inside your hoods? No sir. That's why using an intake filter for your air-cooled reflectors is super important. Alternatively you can use bug screens on the reflector duct ports but why get dust inside your air-cooled reflector ventilation system at all? This method screens is out at source. Excellent.

Six Inch Phresh Intake Filter for Indoor Garden Air Cooled Reflectors

I'm using noise reducting duct collars and Hyper Fans here. I really like this new generation of Hyper Fans for a number of reasons. They are super efficient, driving more than double the amount of air for less than half the watts compared with other fans on the market. Also, they come with remote speed controllers included in the box. That's just awesome as I can keep my fans safely ensconced in my lung room while benefiting from the speed controllers which I've located conveniently inside my indoor garden. Nice eh?

Phresh Intake Filter - 8 inch - Air Filtration for Grow Room

Above is the eight-inch Phresh Intake filter and Hyper Fan combo that pushes clean, dust-free, bug free air into my indoor garden. This is my active air intake. As you can see, it's located in my pretty dusty lung room, adjacent to my garden. I tried to hoover as much of it up as possible but the walls in there are super flakey. However, thanks to the intake filter, that dust stays put. 

Sure, intake filters will reduce the efficiency of your fans by around twenty percent, but I think that's a small price to pay when you consider that no bugs, dust particles or powdery mildew spores are being blown in either. I think that intake filters are a must for any ventilated indoor garden set-up. Remember, it's super important to seal off any cracks or holes in your garden so that the only air entering your grow is via an intake filter. Makes sense doesn't it?